Sample sized unit and what it will hold



 5 X 10:   Similar to a walk-in closet. Will hold mattress set, sofa, chest of drawers, TV, boxes, etc.


10 X 10:   Similar to a small bedroom.   Will hold furnishings from an average size 1 BR apt, without appliances; plus boxes
and small items.

10 X 15:   Similar to a large bedroom. Willhold furniture from an average 2 BR apt., including appliances, depending on
size of items. Or a compact car or motorcycle, boxes and smaller items.



10 x 20:  Similar to a small one car garage; will hold a 2 Bedroom apartment with appliances, boxes, etc.


10 X 25:  Similar to an average garage; Will hold furniture from a 2 BR house with appliances and misc. items or cartons. Also appropriate for vehicles.

10 x 30:   Similar to a large garage. Will hold furniture and appliances from 3 BR house or a vehicle or boat.  Generally will hold the contents of a 40ft. moving van.

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